3D Geometrical Objects

3D Geometrical Objects 1.4

Teaches math and geometry

3D Geometrical Objects is a great software accessory for teaching math or geometry. This program can be made to show different objects in 3D space such as a regular prism, three-sided prism, four-sided prism, pyramid and more.

Certain parameters can be adjusted for each geometrical shape such as the height and length of the sides, inclination or the number of sides.

You can also view the object in any scale, rotate it, zoom it in or out or gradually open or close the object from its basic net into its final geometrical shape.

3D Geometrical Objects also allows you to view your adjustments with interactive and immediate animations which can be played at a high speed in real time, even on slower machines.

Teachers and other professionals will find 3D Geometrical Objects very useful in teaching lessons related to geometric shapes and will find its animated and interactive interface helpful in relaying different information to students.

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3D Geometrical Objects


3D Geometrical Objects 1.4